Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Lover’s Pass Launches Today

taco bell

Fans of Taco Bell, it’s time to celebrate. If you enjoyed the ultra-popular Taco Lover’s Pass, we’ve got good news: The fast-food chain is back with a brand-new version of this limited-time deal. Starting today, Taco Bell is making it even cheaper to satisfy your craving for the cheesy, potato-y goodness of Nacho Fries. Customers …

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Panera Launches 3 New Stacked Sandwiches For Big Appetites

Panera Bread sign

Among all the fan-favorite soups, salads, sandwiches, pastries, and bowls, most people can probably find something that speaks to them on Panera Bread’s vast menu. The chain’s latest collection of sandwiches, however, seems to be designed for customers with major appetites and cravings for big flavors. Panera just launched a brand-new line of Stacked Toasted …

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Panera Launches “Roman Empire Menu” Inspired By Viral Trend

Panera Bread

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? If you’re a man, the answer is probably a lot—at least according to a recent viral trend. Videos of men revealing that they think about the Roman Empire as often as every day have been racking up millions of views on TikTok. Now, Panera Bread is …

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McDonald’s Launches Ranch McCrispy & Bacon Ranch McCrispy

McDonalds sign 1 1

McDonald’s just added even more fuel to the raging chicken sandwich wars with two new items that feature a popular tangy condiment. The Golden Arches has expanded its already lengthy lineup of sandwiches with a new Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Ranch McCrispy. The catch with these new items is that they’re available exclusively in McDonald’s …

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McDonald’s Launches New Mighty McMuffin & Mighty McGriddle

McDonalds sign

McDonald’s just debuted two new extra-large breakfast sandwiches, but Americans will need a passport in order to sample them. The fast-food giant has expanded its morning food lineup with a new Mighty McMuffin and a Mighty McGriddle. Unfortunately for McDonald’s fans in the United States, the new breakfast additions are exclusive to Canada. However, any …

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