The 8 Unhealthiest Orders at Olive Garden — Eat This Not That

olive garden

Olive Garden is notorious for its cheesy pasta dishes; “never-ending” soup, salad, and breadsticks; and generous portions. But despite the restaurant’s welcoming, family feel, its menu has a nefarious amount of unhealthy options that truly go over the top when it comes to reasonable levels of fat, sodium, and carbs. The Italian restaurant chain’s menu …

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The 10 Best & Worst Orders at IHOP, According to Nutritionists


The International House of Pancakes has been serving up hearty breakfasts to Americans for 65 years. Founded in 1958 in the Los Angeles suburbs, IHOP has grown into a successful chain with locations in all 50 states (and even some in other countries). When you visit, you can expect fluffy buttermilk pancakes, signature omelets, and …

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11 Coffee Orders That Make Baristas Roll Their Eyes


We’ve all been there. Bleary eyed and tired, rolling into the coffee shop completely under-caffeinated. Baristas are there to save the day. In the tens of thousands of coffee shops across the country, dedicated java-brewing pros listen to what customers want in their coffee and tailor it to their liking. Baristas are the ultimate champs.  …

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7 Unhealthiest Burger King Breakfast Orders, According to a Nutritionist

burger king unhealthiest breakfast options

If a healthy breakfast is your objective, you probably know swinging through the drive-thru isn’t your best bet. Most fast-food restaurants are scant on nourishing meals to start the day. Like many of its fellow quick-bite restaurants, Burger King isn’t exactly a paragon of healthy breakfasting. In fact, other than a handful of lighter choices, …

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The Unhealthiest Orders at 7 Major Southern Restaurant Chains

Southern food

Southern food is called “soul food” for a reason. Tasty comfort foods like biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, and hearty casseroles not only fill your belly, they seem to fill your soul, too. Don’t they just evoke feelings of family gatherings and warm, lazy days? It’s no wonder Southern fast-food chains are so popular! The …

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