10 of the Spiciest, Tongue-Numbing Dishes From Around the World

1. Jjambbong

Red hot spice is king in Korean cuisine: Other dishes like nakji bokkeum  and dakbokkeumtang are also slathered in gochugaru, as well as gochujang, Korean red pepper paste

2. Phaal curry

Like many curries people eat outside of India, phaal first emerged in England, specifically in the Bangladeshi-owned restaurants of Birmingham

3. Camarones a la Diabla

In this Mexican dish, juicy shrimp get a spicy upgrade courtesy of a thick sauce made from dried guajillo and arbol chiles

4. Chilate de pollo

This braised chicken stew is simple but packs a punch.Chilate de pollo likely originated in Oaxaca, which is known for its dark red, smoky pasilla chilies.

5. Otak-otak

This spicy fish cake is a mainstay of the cuisine of the Peranakan people, who are Chinese immigrants who settled in Singapore and Indonesia

6. Papa a la huancaina

At first glance, you wouldn’t think this Peruvian dish, which is served cold, is spicy. The foreigner that eats hot peppers will never leave Peru.

7. Sichuan hot pot

Hot pot works like this: Bowls of deep, red, steaming, bubbling broth infused with whole dried Sichuan red chiles and peppercorns are heated by a hot plate.

8. Griot

For this Haitian dish, succulent chunks of pork are marinated in a mixture of orange, lemon, and lime juices along with Scotch bonnet chilies.

9. Doro wat

The secret ingredient in this iconic slow-cooked Ethiopian stew is debere, a fiery hot spice blend made by combining dried red chilies, paprika, cayenne pepper, fenugreek, and other spices.

10. Gaeng Tai Pla

This Thai dish, a cross between a curry and a thick soup, is as pungent as it is spicy.