8 Tempeh Dishes To Try For A Vegan Protein Boost

There Are 8 Vegetarian Dishes To Try For A Vegan Boost

There Is A Vegan Option For Plantbased Meat

The Stir Fry Was Cooked With Colourful Vegetables And Seasonings

The Sandwich Has A Hearty Bun With Fresh Topping

There Is A Spiced Taco With Warm Tortillas And A Lot Of Salsa

It Is Served With Peanut Dipping Sauce

There Is A Noodle Bowl With A Bed Of Rice Noodles

The Bites Are Coated In Spicy Buffalo Sauce And Vegan Ranch Dressing

A Classic Caesar Salad Complete With Dairyfree Dressing Is An Example Of A Tureh Salad