America’s Favorite Foods: The 17 Most Popular Foods in America

17. Caesar salad

17. Caesar salad

Raise your hand if you thought Caesar salad’s origin had to do with the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

16. Chicken tikka masala

The vivid orange-red sauce is unmistakable (and delicious), but chicken tikka masala is made of way more than just tomato paste.

15. Waffle fries

15. Waffle fries

Waffle fries aren’t made using a waffle iron, but they sure look like they were. To create your own version of this popular food

14. Macaroni and cheesee fries

Nowadays, people often visit restaurants and delis just to score a plate of delicious mac ‘n’ cheese.

13. Chicken quesadilla

The plain cheese quesadilla ranked 43rd on this list, but the most commonly ordered version, with chicken, is a full 30 spots higher.

12. California roll

This list is packed with sushi, but the Americanized California roll ranks first among them. Invented in Los Angeles (hence the name), the sushi roll was introduced in the 1960s

11. Chicken nuggets

Despite news that chicken nugget sales are dropping around the country, they’re still super popular. The reason for the downturn is that many of us prefer chicken tenders, a (sometimes) less-processed option.

10. Miso soup

A staple of Japanese take-out orders, miso soup is the perfect meal to warm you up in the winter.

9. Edamame

More soybeans! Miso soup is made of fermented soybeans, whereas edamame is made up of young soybeans that have been harvested before they ripen.

8. Garlic naan

Grilled dough? Count us (and the rest of America) in! Naan gets coated in butter and rises in a tandoori oven or on a skillet until it’s puffy and ready to eat.

7. Mozzarella sticks

People have been frying cheese since the Middle Ages, but the bar snack we’ve come to know and love originated in Wisconsin in the 1970s.

6. Pad thai

In the 1930s and 40s, the Thai government took steps to Westernize the country. Not only did it change the country’s name from Siam to Thailand, but it also developed pad Thai.

5. French fries

The average American eats 48 pounds of french fries a year, and yet the people of Belgium beat us, demolishing 165 pounds per year.

4. Cheese pizza

As much as Americans love experimenting with toppings, tossing everything from pepperoni and sausage to pineapple and anchovies on their pizzas, nothing beats a plain cheese pie.

3. Hash browns

Both hash browns and home fries are favorites at diners across the country, but only one is popular enough to make this list.

2. Cheeseburger

Is there anything more American than a hamburger? Yes, a cheeseburger, which lands in the number two slot on this list of America’s favorite foods.

1. Burrito bowl

Chipotle lovers have often debated whether the burrito or burrito bowl is better, with some fans claiming burrito bowls offer more food.