Healthy Snacks: Rain & Chaats: Tempting Delights For Fitness Freaks

Rain Chaats Tempting Delights For Fitness Freaks

This Chaat Combines Sprouted Moong Beans With Chopped Vegetables And A Squeeze Of Lemon For A Satisfying Snack

There Is A Refreshing And Healthy Twist On Fruit Chaat With A Mix Of Seasonal Fruits And Mint Leaves

Bhel Puri A Classic Favorite Can Be Made Healthier By Using Puffed Rice And Green Vegetables

A Lowcalorie Option For Corn Chaat Is Mixed With Diced Onions Tomatoes And Lime Juice

There Is A Substitute For Traditional Ingredients With The Addition Of Chopped Cucumbers Tomatoes And A Dash Of Yogurt

Cucumber And Tomato Chaat Combines Chopped Cucumbers Tomatoes And Onions With A Dash Of Chaat Masala And A Dash Of Lemon Juice

Papdi Chaat With Baked Papdis Is A Great Way To Reduce The Fat And Calories In Your Diet