Napoleon (2023) - Full Cast & Crew

Joaquin Phoenix  as a Actor

 Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

Vanessa Kirby   as a Actor

Empress Joséphine, Empress Consort and the first wife of Napoleon

Tahar Rahim   as a Actor

 Paul Barras, a politician who was the executive head of the Directory during the French Revolution.

Ben Miles   as a Actor

Caulaincourt, a diplomat and close advisor to Napoleon

Ludivine Sagnier  as a Actor

Thérésa Cabarrus (Madame Tallien), a socialite and noblewoman

Matthew Needham  as a Actor

Lucien Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon

Youssef Kerkour  as a Actor

Marshal Davout, one of Napoleon's finest commanders

Phil Cornwell    as a Actor

 Sanson 'The Bourreau', the executioner who guillotined Louis XVI, the King of France.[12]

Édouard Philipponna  as a Actor

Alexander I, the Tsar of Russia.

Rupert Everett  as a Actor

 Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the principal military rival of Napoleon