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Top 15 ways to use courgettes

1. Courgette pasta

Irresistible creamy pasta dish using allotment veg: quick and cheap, loved by kids. Also try oven-baked lasagnas or lemony prawn tagliatelle.

2. Courgette cakes

"Get creative with courgettes: cake, muffins, and more!"

3. Courgette salads

Courgette salads offer delightful flavors: minted, grated, smoked mackerel & butter bean, ribbons with goat's cheese, charred, or chunky grilled with halloumi. Enjoy!

4. Courgette soup

Unpredictable British weather? Try comforting courgette soups: Courgette, potato & cheddar or courgette, pea & pesto. Stay healthy with courgette, leek & goat's cheese - 3 of your five-a-day!

5. Courgette fritters

Courgette fritters - crispy, easy brunch or veggie dinner with sweetcorn, ricotta, halloumi & more!

6. Courgette tarts

Vibrant courgette tarts steal the show with their bold beauty - try ratatouille or herb-filled galette.

7. Courgetti noodles

Make 'courgetti' by quickly cooking spiralized courgettes with garlic, crème fraîche, and lemon. Enjoy with meatballs or bolognese sauce.

8. Courgette sides

Try our versatile courgette recipes: charred courgettes, mint & ricotta side, roasted courgette & tahini dip, or healthy courgette fries with parmesan.

9. Stuffed courgettes

Stuff courgettes with sausage & herbs for a family-friendly meal. Try cheesy veggie or vegan options too.

10. Courgette pizza

British summer adds flair to Italian classic: veg-packed pizza, crispy filo alternative, courgette & pea filling, crème fraîche, butter beans, feta, mint, hot salami & courgette flatbread.

11. Courgette pickle

Preserve courgette crop with chutney or pickle, perfect for gifts. Crunchy pickle complements salmon & burgers. Add punch with courgette & tomato chutney.

12. Courgette loaf

Irresistible home-baked bread: courgette & mushroom, cheddar soda, cheddar & courgette cornbread, courgette, potato & cheddar flatbread. Perfect for picnics!

13. Courgette risotto

Delicious courgette risottos for dinner parties, kids, vegan options, and more.

14. Courgette bakes

Enjoy comforting baked courgette & tomato gratin with mozzarella, basil, and breadcrumbs. Freeze it or savor a light baked sweet potato & courgette tortilla.

15. Ratatouille

Classic French ratatouille: sautéed courgettes, aubergines, peppers, and tomatoes create a colorful medley. Slow cooking intensifies flavors in herby next-level version.